Increasing the Efficiency of Public Sector Service Provision through Shared Services, Outsourcing, and Automation

The Australian Government spends 3.5 to 4 billion on corporate service delivery each year. Shared services, outsourcing, process excellence and automation are key ways that the Public Sector can reduce the cost of that delivery. Customer expectations of speed and quality of service delivery are higher than ever. But budgetary restrictions and limited resources are putting a strain on the public sector. How can the public sector deliver high quality services while achieving cost efficiencies with limited resources?

It’s time for re-evaluation and reflection of existing models and planning for change. With this in mind Public Sector Shared and Common Services 2017 has been designed to address strategies, delivery models and technology that agencies can harness to meet customer expectations and achieve cost savings. Our vision is simple; to connect SSO executives, facilitate cross-pollination of ideas, drive solutions-based discussion, and develop partnerships, all to help the blueprint for operational excellence forward.

As an attendee you will experience a focused agenda with content structured around back-office transformation in the public sector. Key topics being addressed include

  • Automation and self service as an alternative to offshoring and outsourcing
  • Re-evaluating existing models and identifying KPIs and metrics that are a true measure of success
  • Addressing the workforce challenge: Developing an agile workforce to keep up with changing agency demands
  • Navigating a risk averse, process driven environment to drive change
  • Leveraging data analytics and business intelligence to advise better decisions
  • Gearing up the back-office to support and drive innovation

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What will you learn at the Public Sector Shared & Common Services 2017?

Interactive Sessions

Efforts to develop a “whole of government” approach to shared services to leverage economies of scale

Real Situation Analysis

Creating standardised processes across multiple government departments to improve efficiency and effectiveness

ISO Technical Committee

Lessons learned from previous council mergers and the decommissioned reforms in Western Australia

Reduce Costs and Improve Quality

Leveraging outsourcing and contestability to deliver higher value, cost effective services

Networking Opportunities

Creating a high performance culture and overcoming change fatigue

Also, new for this year, the event will include case studies from utilities, reflecting the common challenges of limited budget and resistance to change faced by both sectors, and will also include a local government focus day, to address the specific issues faced by councils around Australia in light of the decommissioned WA reforms and NSW’s proposed ‘fit for the future’ amalgamations.

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Who will you meet at the Public Sector Transformation 2016?

This event has been designed to provide a platform for the public sector to realise the benefits of shared services, outsourcing, process excellence and culture change.


Director General


Head of Shared Services


Director/ Head of Business Transformation/ Finance/ HR/Procurement/ Contestability/ Business Services/ Administrative Services




General Manager


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Executive Officer


Head of Reform

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